Inquire of the Esquire

The following articles deal with recent questions of law that Huston|McCaffrey attorneys have argued or researched on behalf of their clients. They were deemed accurate at the time of their writing. Each case is different and the law is fluid and subject to change. Therefore, the articles herein are presented for informational purposes only and as a starting point to explore similar issues.

Question 1

“If a person (a defendant) is sued (by a plaintiff) and loses in small claims court, may that defendant turn around and sue the plaintiff for wrongs committed in the same transaction or related to the original incident that was the basis for the relief sought by the plaintiff in the small claims action?” Answer

Question 2

“What generally is res judicata and collateral estoppel? Answer

Question 3

Can I Force The Prosecution To Conduct A Line-Up In My Criminal Case? Answer

Question 4

When Can The Prosecution Add A Gang Allegation To My Charges? Answer


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