Corporate Counsel

Having regular, dependable access to a knowledgeable attorney is critical to the success of a business; however, it is not always feasible for smaller companies to have in-house counsel of their own. We provide trustworthy, legal representation designed to meet the legal needs of business owners as they arise, without the need to pay for a full time attorney or the costs associated with maintaining an actual in-house counsel.

We help you level the playing field with bigger companies by handling these issues, among others:

  • Contract review and analysis
  • Day-to-day business advice
  • Employment issues, including discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination claims
  • Complex business litigation, including partner, shareholder and board of director disputes, non-compete agreements and business transactions
  • Real estate transactions, including buying and selling properties, contracts and closings
  • Drafting and negotiating all types of contracts
  • Responding to and drafting demand letters
  • Business formation and capital development
  • Preparing employment agreements, severance agreements and employee handbooks
  • Facilitating real estate purchasing, selling, leasing and financing
  • Dealing with commercial loans and banking matters
  • Dispute resolution among partners
  • Corporate maintenance and filings

Huston | McCaffrey, LLP has the knowledge and experience to help small businesses succeed. For a monthly fee, or on a fee for service basis, we serve as general counsel to small businesses that don’t yet need in-house counsel.

We can help structure or review your formational and operational documents to make sure your interests are protected and that you are in compliance with the law. Many small businesses operate in an informal fashion.  While this may work for a while, this process can cause problems, particularly as a business grows larger.  Without constant attention to the form and function of your business entity, you run the risk of personally being sued as if you had no entity protection at all.

When things are going well, many formalities seem trivial and get in the way of getting things done. If problems develop, though, these formalities are life savers. Planning for the future with a well written partnership agreement, policy and procedure manual, by-laws, articles of incorporation, and other documents will solve problems before they arise, preserve friendships, and could save thousands and thousands of dollars in litigation fees. 

Whether spotting potential trouble areas, drafting essential documents, or managing and conducting unavoidable litigation, Huston | McCaffrey, LLP is equipped to meet your needs as general counsel for your business. To learn more about having an on-call attorney to take your business to the next level, your options, and for a free one hour initial consultation, contact us right away at (619) 800-1166 or email us.


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